My interests, work, and volunteer activities primarily center on environmental conservation and advocacy, defense and promotion of public trust resources such as parks, and the creative use of technologies to bring about new tools and conversations about what is possible.golden hour

As an experienced grant writer and foundation fundraising consultant, I greatly enjoy working with environmental and social justice nonprofits to help them translate their visions and stories into effective grant proposals and fundraising strategies. Please see my clients list for information about my current freelance projects.

Other things:

  • Co-founder, Nerds for Nature. We’re a Bay Area-based group of environmentalists, technologists, designers, and advocates who think that by bringing together those both on the “nerds” and the “nature” sides, a lot of new, creative ways will emerge to help us better protect, understand, and defend the natural world. @nerds4nature on Twitter
  • Co-facilitator,  Environmental Forum of Marin‘s Master Class 40. The Master Class teaches students the science, policy, and strategies for effective advocacy needed to act on behalf of environmental issues and influence decision making.
  • Creator, “Bay Area: What Could Have Been.Inspired by the Forum’s founder Dr. Marty Griffin’s successful action to stave off the “Lost Angeles-ization of the Bay Area”, I will be creating a graphic novel / online exhibit to tell the story of what could have been for the Bay Area.

Follow me on Twitter @victoria_bogdan